We are proud to debut our new brand of knives called “Steel Will”.

In creating these beautiful knives, we’ve combined the finest steel with extremely practical and innovative designs. The result is a line of knives that are meant to be used and adored by their owners. Steel Will Knives are produced according to the highest standards of quality, using the most modern methods of production. We have set a high bar for our products and will continue to do so in the future. We are confident that the quality of our knives will meet the requirements of the most discerning buyers.

From the moment it appeared, Steel Will comprised three main branches of the knife market.
Tactical series

Our Tactical Knife is an uncompromising knife,
for developing and maintaining combat skills.

Outdoor series

Our Outdoor Knife was created for tourists, hunters,
fisherman, and adventure travelers.

Urban series

Our EDC Knife was designed to be a helper
for casual life in the metropolis.

Every knife has a family of “brothers” adapted for exclusive purposes and tasks, which perform at their own cool style.


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