Total Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

If you are not satisfied with products purchased from OUR site, simply return within 30 days for a refund. This money back guarantee is applicable ONLY to products purchased on Items should be returned in the condition received. Items purchased from other sources will be repaired or replaced if defective. If you noticed a damages or defects with a buying product purchased from other sources, please contact us immediately. To avoid the suspicion that the product was damaged by you, try to pay attention to your product right away when buying

Steel Will Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a Steel Will knife. We are very confident that this knife will serve you for a long time. We warranty each Steel Will knife to be free of material and workmanship defects. If one of our knives breaks due to a manufacturing or material defect, we will repair or replace the knife. We provide warranty service only for those who purchased Steel Will products in USA. Products that were bought in other countries should be serviced by their regional distributors.

This warranty runs as long as you own the knife. Coverage will end if the knife is sold or ownership is transferred to another party.

What is Covered

This warranty covers replacement parts and labor. In case you purchased products from Official Steel Will website, the shipping charge of the parts / replacement / return will be compensated. Otherwise, the shipping is $2 for non-trackable service and $4 for the trackable one within the Unites States and $10 shipping to Canada. We can send you screws, pocketclips, torsion bars, safety lock sets, the pivot bolt and screws, and handle screws. We cannot send blades, handle scales, liners, etc. If you need a blade, more than one part, or parts other than those we can ship, please send your knife in for warranty service. If you want us to ship you screws, a pocketclip, a torsion bar, a safety lock set, a pivot bolt and screws, or handle screws, please contact us to request parts.

What is not Covered

Consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages, so this exclusion or limitation may not apply to you.

Steel Will knives are intended for use as cutting tools. Using them for their intended purpose will rarely result in failure due to defects. Most damage occurs when Steel Will knives are used for unsuitable tasks like prying, pounding, chiseling, and hammering. The warranty will become void (as determined by Sport Manufacturing Group, Inc.) if:

  • Our knives are used for any purpose other than cutting (improper use).
  • The knife is modified in any way.
  • There is damage caused by abuse, misuse, loss, improper handling, alterations, accident, neglect, disassembly, or improper sharpening.
  • Wear on knives is unavoidable and normal wear usually isn't covered under the warranty.
  • Repairs to your knife are performed by any source other than SMG, Inc.

Like most tools, our knives need to be cared for properly. If your Steel Will knife has been put to demanding use for a long time, it is possible that the knife may need sharpening or maintenance to retain its usefulness. Any and all maintenance is the responsibility of the knife owner and is not covered by this warranty. Also if need any parts for your knife, please contact us directly.

Warranty Claims

In the event that your Steel Will knife breaks under the terms of this warranty, please contact customer service. A customer service representative will provide you with instructions for getting your product serviced. You will need your original receipt in order to qualify for warranty coverage. Shipping charges for repair or replacement are not covered under warranty in case the item is purchased from sources other than

Products that are discontinued and not repairable will be replaced with a gift certificate for the value of the knife, as determined by SMG, Inc., which can be used for a future purchase.


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