Oct 29 2018
Check out this awesome review of the Steel Will Roamers 305 & 300 by gideonstactical! Which one would you choose?
Oct 08 2018
Thank you for visiting our booth at Blade Show West 2018! It was a pleasure to meet all of you and present our newest knives.
Aug 14 2018
Still hesitating about purchasing the Cutjack Mini? Go check out what the Knife Informer has to say about it so that you can make up your mind!
Jul 31 2018
One more awesome battle video by Slicey Dicey. Worth to check out!
Jul 16 2018
The Steel Will Team is introducing some brand-new models in Outdoor series - the Roamers R345-1OR & R345-1BK
Jun 13 2018
One of most popular YouTube knife reviewer, The Late Boy Scout, checking out the new knife from the Steel Will.
Jun 05 2018
Blade Show 2018 was a great success for Steel Will knives. Thanks to those who stopped by, see you at the next Blade Show!
Apr 06 2018
"I love what Steel Will brings to the table. Value, performance, and design into their knives. This Tenet has a lot going for it, but there are several things that I think were over looked and could have make this knife great" - gideonstactical.
Mar 26 2018
"Steel Will continues to impress with their newest knife. The intrigue has a very slim design that makes it great for EDC carry and for precision tasks." - gideonstactical.
Mar 20 2018
The Steel Will Team is introducing some brand-new models in Urban series - The Intrigues.
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