Aug 04 2017
The popularity of the new for 2017 Steel Will Cutjack isn’t hard to understand. It’s a sturdy, well-finished, everyday pocket knife with high-performance materials offered at an aggressive price. “Every component of the Cutjack is of the highest Steel Will quality,” Steel Will Knives’ Lee K. Aaron tells us. “The Cutjack series is built to last, but not built to break your wallet.'”
Jul 20 2017
Today we have in stock some of the models that you so expected. Italian Cutjack, Gekko 1509 & 1559, Druid 270 and others are now available. Follow this post to find your own new Steel Will Knife!
Jul 04 2017
If you’re looking for the most inexpensive Italian made flipper in M390, then look no further than the Steel will Cutjack Mini. This little flipper uses a ball bearing pivot system to allow for smooth consistent deployments. The exotic Bohler M390 steel is nice and super steely.
Jun 07 2017
Overall the Steel Will Cutjack is a very good knife, and for the price it is a great buy. I would recommend this knife 10 out of 10 times. This is my first Steel Will knife, but this will not be my last knife by them. This has become my everyday carry knife.
May 25 2017
Steel Will is proud to introduce new knives: Steel Wil Modus. The Modus folding knife is a reliable tool as well as a stylish accessory.
May 19 2017
SMG Inc. will be participating in the largest knives exhibition – The Blade Show in Atlanta, GA.
Apr 24 2017
"I love knives that I can put into multiple roles. EDC knives that are lightweight and slim, but still robust and large enough for almost any task. This Cutjack has it all!" - gideonstactical.
Apr 20 2017
"Just got my Cutjack in hand today and I'm literally going nuts over it! I've already used for so many things and I plan to use it A LOT in the future!" - customer via Instagram.
Apr 06 2017
Steel Will is proud to introduce new knives: Steel Wil Censor 1360s. Right now they are available on stock. Each blade on the new Censor knives is made with a 3.86-inch AUS-8 steel finished in a black traction coating process.
Mar 01 2017
In creating our new locking mechanism for folding knives we needed to achieve several goals:
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