Dec 01 2016
The Steel Will Cutjack folding knives are universal everyday carry pocket knives. Featuring exceptional ergonomics and premium build quality, the Cutjack flippers offer customers an outstanding value.
Oct 26 2016
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: when it comes to survival gear, two is one, and one is none. Survival experts around the world will agree that a trustworthy knife is one tool you won’t want to do without, so in many circumstances, it makes sense to carry a pair of blades.
Sep 19 2016
The Censor 1320 is a nice little EDC knife with some excellent functional features. Definitely a good investment for the reasonable $59.99 price tag associated with it.
Aug 29 2016
The Druid 290 is a solid performer. This thing held its edge nicely in my testing and the N690Co has continued to be a solid steel in my opinion. A folder like this would be great for someone on the ranch, out hunting, in the woods, or for general utility use.
Aug 18 2016
When it comes to the outdoors and knives, pocket knives are not the first thing that comes to mind for most people. We think bowie knives, or big tough fixed blades. Well, this blade might make you think twice about that!
Aug 08 2016
One of most popular YouTube knife reviewer, The Late Boy Scout, checking out the new knife from the Steel Will.
Aug 05 2016
The Druid 290 and Druid 291 are available now! Designed for outdoor use with ultimate portability, the Druid folders are tough, dependable, and extremely comfortable in hand. Made in Italy from N690Co steel.
Aug 03 2016
Steel Will is proud to introduce new knives: Steel Wil Censor 1312 and Censor 1332. Right now they are available on stock. Each blade on the new Censor knives is made with a 3.54-inch AUS-8 steel finished in a black traction coating process.
Jul 21 2016
The Steel Will Gekko 1550 was created in response to the huge hit the other Gekkos were. This one is a smaller everyday carry sized knife that I have really grown to love.
Jul 14 2016
This is an excellent neck knife than can also be carried on the belt with a small modification shown in the video. I found this knife to be very comfortable to use and was impressed with the fit and finish of the knife.
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