Ant-Lock stress test

In creating our new locking mechanism for folding knives we needed to achieve several goals:

- Make a user-friendly ambidextrous lock
- Make it lightweight and compact
- Make it safe and strong

It took a year of designing and prototyping to find the correct construction and geometry. Now, we’re proud to share the weight stress tests we’ve achieved with our new patent pending Ant-Lock.

The knife here has a regular size Ant-lock but we have plans to make this lock in 3 different sizes, including a mini and XL version.

The weight is applied to a distance 3.5" from the pivot and a load of 200 lb. creates 700 lb./inch torque. We found that the strength depends on the blade thickness and steel type because the lock seems to be stronger then the blade's tang. The blade in this video is 0.125" thick and made from 440C

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