Nov 16 2015

Black Friday!

Dear knife enthusiast,

Over the past year, we’ve received tremendous feedback from Steel Will knife owners and the knife community at large. Thanks largely to your support, we’re on tracking for an exciting holiday season filled with deals, promotions, and new releases.

To show our appreciation, Steel Will knives will be launching our biggest promotion ever. For only two weeks (November 16 - 30th), every knife on will be discounted by 25%! This offer is valid for all new releases as well, including the awesome Cager series knives, the Sentence series tactical knives, and the soon-to-be released Gekko 1503 folding knife. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a Steel Will knife at the lowest price of the year.

We love hearing your feedback and stories…and we may even have a few t-shirts to give away for your participation. Please share your Steel Will knife experiences and photos on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter!

Thanks again for all your support!
-The Steel Will team.

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Outdoor Series

Outdoor series

The “Outdoor” series is a line of first class knives created for use outside the metropolis. These high-quality knives will become an indispensable tool for fishermen, hunters, hikers, climbers, and all other outdoorsmen. Each knife from this line was created for its own specific goals and objectives, beginning from a compact Skinner and ending with a huge Chopper. Impeccable design combined with practical sheaths makes Steel Will “Outdoor” Knives a great companion for any outdoorsmen.

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Urban Series

Urban series

The “Urban” line is extremely versatile and useful for everyday life. “Urban” knives are convenient, compact knives with an impeccably thoughtful and modern design. They can become the pride of their owners. The city has a lot of surprises for us every day, but there are no insurmountable obstacles for residents with an “Urban” knife.

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Tactical series

Tactical series

The skill of using a knife requires an appropriate tool to develop this skill, and turn it closer to a form of art. A greenhorn is able to develop his skills very fast with a good knife, but a professional who uses Steel Will will never forget it. Our designers were inspired by the best military knives to create the “Tactical” series. These durable and reliable knives are ideal for both training and for everyday use. The “Tactical” knife will be able to help its owner in any situation.

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