First Look: Italian-Made ‘Steel Will’ Folding Knife

Pull from the pocket, flick the wrist. A heavy blade opens with an assuring ‘THUNK.’ Meet the Gekko from Steel Will.

Steel Will Gekko 1500

Steel Will is a new company importing knives made in Italy. For the past two months, I’ve quite literally abused its Gekko folding blade, using it like a machete to hack down dozens of saplings in my neighbor’s back yard, taking the limbs off an elm tree, scraping paint and adhesive off a truck door that needed to be repainted … and cutting a tomato.

I’m impressed, and my buddies all seem to lust after the blade that’s become an everyday carry (albeit a big one). Read on for the review.

Steel Will Gekko 1500

Steel Will Gekko 1500

The Gekko 1500 ($230) is the folding knife of the Gekko line, which also has two fixed blades.

Flick the thumb stud of the N690Co steel blade and it locks with a reassuring “thunk.” The dark green micarta handle falls nicely into the hand for a comfortable grip with no noticeable hot spots.

The 3.94″ blade locks firmly, with no side-to-side play under pressure. The knife feels balanced in the hand, and in aggressive use, a good firm grip is easy to attain — aggressive jimping helps the user perform fine motions with thumb or finger on the top of the blade.

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