IWA Outdoor Classics 2015 - Report


We’d like to thank all those who stopped by our booth at the 2015 IWA expo in Nuremberg, Germany. The sheer amount of amazing feedback we received was overwhelming! We were excited to give hundreds of sporting goods professionals the opportunity to hold our knives and are even more excited to now have Steel Will knives for sale in numerous countries throughout the world. Thank you Nuremberg for your warm reception!


1. The “GEKKO” series:  3 models of beautifully designed Italian knives whose micarta handles resemble the skin of a lizard. Equally impressive is the handmade leather sheath that accompanies the Gekko 1510 and Gekko 1530.  For a brief teaser video of the Gekko 1500 folder, please click here.

2.       The “BRUISER 500:  A large, heavy-duty tactical folder with a buttery smooth action. When you handle this knife, it’s hard to put it down. You may have seen the Bruiser on the cover of Blade Magazine’s Spring 2015 Buyers Guide. Click here for image.

3. The “DRUID” series:  An extremely practical and comfortable series of outdoor knives. The Druids’ are our most diverse line of knives, offering 16 different models with varying blade sizes/shapes and a modest price point. Although only 4 models are in stock now, more models will be in stock very soon. A teaser video of the Druid 230 can be seen here.

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