New in stock: The Cutjack Mini and The Modus.

Meet the new member of the popular Cutjack family! Three new budget mini versions are available for you now. Made from D2 steel with FRN handle available in different colors, this is the most affordable knife in this popular urban EDC family.

Cutjack C22M-1BL

Cutjack C22M-1TN

Cutjack C22M-1OD

Cutjack C22M-1BK

The Modus line is expanding. Modus F25-11, F25-12, F25-13 - three new knives that are now available for purchase. We chose the most proven combination of materials: a reliable D2 for the blade and a tenacious FRN for the handle. As a result you get excellent knife qualities for a great price.

Modus F25-11

Modus F25-12

Modus F25-13


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