F37 Barghest


A new Steel Will knife designed by Vaeringi.

F37 Barghest is a tribute to classic tactical knives of previous decades. Powerful and perfectly cutting knife possesses great piercing capabilities. Comfortably feeling in hand in tactical glove or without it, reliable in any circumstances - that is the F37 Barghest.

The knife blade is made of a time-tested and reliable D2 steel. It has a small thickness behind the edge, which makes F37 Barghest a perfect cutting knife. It’s not a crowbar for tanks opening but a tool usable in a real life. 

Knife handle is made of strong and durable G10 and has a spacer of the same material, which forms a bastard cut and prevents slipping in a wet hand.

F37 Barghest has a slipper which develops a handguard when opened, but in addition to that the knife also has a thumb stud. Thus, the knife can be opened in two ways: inertially and fast with the help of flipper, and using a thumb stud managing blade movement on its’ way. 

The knife is constructed with bronze washers which increases its’ reliability. At the same time knife mechanics is set that way so the flipping action is every bit as good as washers models.

The knife is equipped with additional clip for left-handed users.

F37 Barghest is available in 4 different options. You can choose an ultimatistic full-sized option or a mini size, more useable for urban carry. Each size is available in satin blade or black stonewash finish. 

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