Steel Will Cutjack Mini Review by Knife Informer

"In the spirit of research, I decided to try out the Steel Will Cutjack – and I’m beginning to be convinced that this is the best of all worlds, the ideal affordable EDC knife."

"If it’s not obvious, I’m really rather fond of the Steel Will Cutjack Mini.  It’s a design that punches above its price class, hitting all the points that I consider to be important when it comes to EDC blades.  The ergonomics are excellent, the flipping action is decent, it’s got good blade steel, it carries extremely well, and it’s a solid value for the money."

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Knife Informer is a team of knife enthusiasts and experts who provide reviews, education and advice to assist consumers in making informed choices. Knife Informer is owned and operated by NameBubble LLC, a company founded in 2008.


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