Fervor 1201 on the cover of OnTarget! Looks good next to the M92, doesn’t it?

Looking like a modern version of the famous Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife issued to British commandos and SAS troops during World War II, the new Steel Will Fervor 1201 Tactical Knife ($379.99) is a stiletto-style fighting knife with a 6.7-inch, double-edged blade. The one-piece blade/handle/hilt is CNC machined from N690Co Austrian steel – similar to 440C steel, but because of its superior heat treatment has even better wear resistance and toughness – with a Mil-Spec black ASPIS finish. The scales are milled from textured Micarta and machine screwed to the handle. Blade thickness is 0.22”, and it features a glass-breaker hilt for extracting the next terrorist you run into through his driver’s side window before gutting him. Entirely made in Italy, the Steel Will Fervor 1201 comes with hand-made black leather sheath with belt loop and snap retention strap.

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