Top 25 Best Selling Blades of 2017: #19 Steel Will Cutjack

The popularity of the new for 2017 Steel Will Cutjack isn’t hard to understand. It’s a sturdy, well-finished, everyday pocket knife with high-performance materials offered at an aggressive price. “Every component of the Cutjack is of the highest Steel Will quality,” Steel Will Knives’ Lee K. Aaron tells us. “The Cutjack series is built to last, but not built to break your wallet.'”

It’s a simple formula but Steel Will Knives says it wasn’t easy to pull off. At every step, careful choices needed to be made to keep costs down without derailing the value of the knife. To achieve its price, Steel Will opted for D2 tool steel, FRN handle scales, and a flipper/linerlock combo to deploy and lock the blade.

Refined yet utilitarian, the Cutjack is more than just a ‘budget’ knife. In fact, Steel Will is releasing a buffet of options including mini and Made in Italy variations sporting M390 steel and G10 handle scales.

Visit KnifeNews tomorrow to find out which model is #18 on our countdown of the Top 25 Best Selling Blades of 2017.

The TOP 25 Best Selling Blades of 2017 is based on a ranking of year-to-date dollar sales per day of all non-kitchen cutlery at The Virginia-based dealer stocks the largest catalog of cutlery in the world and serves the most diverse customer base of any knife retailer

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