Sheath material:Molded Polymer
Lock Type:-
Folded length:-
Full length:12.28"
Blade length:6.5"
Blade thickness:0.18"
Pivot Type:-
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The Argonaut is an extremely versatile multi-function outdoor knife. This large fixed blade knife has a full tang construction. The Argonaut was created as a universal hunting knife that can perform just as well as a camping knife. It can also to be used as a combat weapon. The Argonaut is versatile enough for cutting wood, field dressing game, as well as batoning. The Argonaut 820 has a strong, unique spear point design, and excels at both cutting and penetration. Made in Taiwan.


Powerful tang extends throughout the entire handle, resulting in a high strength structure of the entire knife. Absence of sharp corners in the tang strengthen the integrity of the knife.

TPR handle
with deep grooves

TPR handle with deep grooves ensures slip resistance, even when handled with wet or slippery hands.

hand guard

Two-side hand guard provides safety while performing even the most intense tasks.

Knife Argonaut 820 - 1
Nylon sheath - 1
Box - 1
SW certificate - 1

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