Sheath material:Kydex
Lock Type:-
Folded length:-
Full length:5.31"
Blade length:2.28"
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Achieving maximum compactness usually comes at the expense of usability. This is not the case with the Steel Will Druid 283. Confidence in using a compact cutting tool is paramount. This neck knife can be drawn from the sheath safely with only one movement.


These design elements afford these knives a reliable and secure grip and excellent handling in various conditions.

Kydex Sheath

Kydex, a material initially used in the aviation industry, has become a staple material in the manufacture of knife sheaths. Kydex is sturdy, durable, lightweight, heat-resistant, and waterproof.


The Druid 283 is a small outdoor knife with a classic drop-point blade.

Knife Druid 283 - 1
Kydex sheath - 1
Box - 1
Ball chain - 1
SW certificate - 1

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