$89.99 $129.99
Sheath material:Leather
Lock Type:Liner Lock
Folded length:5.2"
Full length:8.94"
Blade length:3.74"
Blade thickness:0.14"
Pivot Type:Bronze washers
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The Druid 290 is a folding knife which is ideally suited for a companion to the Druid 230. It is also extremely appropriate when the priority is for the knife to be compact. Although these knives may be worn on a belt or pocket, using the included holster is ideal. Made in Italy.

The clip

The clip ensures a deep and sturdy fit for the knife in the pocket.


The blade features a thumb-plate which allows for easy opening with bare hands or gloves and forms a comfortable thumb rest when unfolded.

Nylon and fiber
glass handle

Nylon and fiber glass handle with deep grooves ensures slip resistance, even when handled with wet or slippery hands.

Knife Druid 290 - 1
Box - 1
Holster - 1
SW certificate - 1

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Druid 291
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