Sheath material:-
Finish:Dark stonewash
Lock Type:Lockback
Folded length:4.37"
Full length:7.87"
Blade length:3.5"
Blade thickness:0.14"
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Reliable and able to withstand huge loads, the Lockback mechanism is a distinctive feature of this knife. This folding knife, small enough to be placed in your pocket, was made to go head-to-head with fixed blade outdoor knives.


This knife is equally comfortable in both the right and left hand. The clip blade can be mounted in two different positions and the lock is easy to locate with either hand.


The lanyard hole makes this knife more versatile not only in the field but in everyday use. This is both a practical addition and one that allows owners to express their personal style.

Knife Gekko 1559 - 1
Box - 1
SW certificate - 1

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