$84.99 $99.99
Sheath material:Kydex
Finish:Black coating
Lock Type:-
Folded length:-
Full length:11.61"
Blade length:6.1"
Blade thickness:0.2"
Pivot Type:-
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The Sentence 122 features a unique blade that resembles the claw of a predator. The Hawkbill inspired design provides a powerful combination of excellent cutting and penetrating abilities. The black coating on the blade is complimented by a black 3D machine-milled G10 handle which feels great in the hand and provides a secure grip. The Sentence 122’s tang was designed with distinctive holes to lighten the handle and achieve optimum balance.

3D machine
milled G10

3D machine milled G10 handle provides for excellent ergonomics.

Tang holes

The tang has holes to decrease the weight of the knife. Different models have different holes to ensure perfect balance for each blade.

Full tang

Full tang construction provides for great durability.

Knife Sentence 122 - 1
Kydex sheath - 1
Box - 1
SW certificate - 1

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