$99.99 $199.99
Handle:Carbon Fiber
Sheath material:-
Lock Type:Liner Lock
Folded length:4.8"
Full length:8.4"
Blade length:3.6"
Blade thickness:0.12"
Pivot Type:Ball bearings
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DISPLAY SAMPLE: might have some scratches or minor defects.

A long-anticipated representative of the Intrigue series in a premium edition. M390 Steel blade ensures toughness, long edge retention, and good corrosion resistance of the knife. Handle material adds a truly gentleman look to this knife setting that apart from other Intrigue series knives. Driven by ball bearings, the knife is opened easily, fast, and smooth. In addition to being your reliable assistant, this knife is also to become a stylish accessory.


Premium steel

Stainless steel ball bearings

The use of bearings reduces friction and allows for very smooth and fast deployment with the press of a finger

Carbon fiber handle

With colored aluminum stand-offs

Knife Intrigue F45-71 - 1
Box - 1
SW certificate - 1

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