Sheath material:-
Finish:Black Stonewash
Lock Type:Liner Lock
Folded length:4.5"
Full length:7.7"
Blade length:3.2"
Blade thickness:0.12"
Pivot Type:Bronze washers
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Piercer is the first collaboration of the Steel Will brand with knife designer Tommaso Rumici.

The main idea behind the Piercer was to create a versatile, compact EDC, with a point strong enough to pierce through wood, plastic, metal sheets and also thick clothes. It is not a fighting knife - it is simply ready for everything including self-defense. The blade is made of D2 tool steel; the edge is plain, with a constant curve and high bevels, in order to adapt to different cutting tasks, from food to bushcrafting.

What is typical for his designs, Tommaso Rumici focused on the ergonomics, so the handle is really comfortable, and with the help of the index groove, it guarantees a strong retention with a variety of possible grip styles. The blade has an oval opening hole which is ambidextrous and glove-friendly.

Since the designer wanted the Piercer to be a great EDC for civilians, scales are flat and just coarse, without any aggressive texture that would wear out pockets or slow down extraction. The clip is thin and clean, similar to a pen, and makes the folder disappear in the pocket or inside waistband. On the back, there is a lanyard hole, useful to tie a piece of paracord to speed up extraction without being too visible.

The Piercer is available in three versions: liner-lock with black G10 scales and satin or black stonewashed blade; titanium frame-lock with black G10 scales and satin blade.

Simple, tough and light: a perfect folder for civilian concealed carry.

Knife Piercer F40-09- 1
Box - 1
SW certificate - 1

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