Sheath material:-
Finish:Black Stonewash
Lock Type:Liner Lock
Folded length:4.5"
Full length:8.5"
Blade length:3.5"
Blade thickness:0.16"
Pivot Type:Bronze washers
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Warbot is made for heavy duty and special tasks, and that could be seen in each its’ element:
- 4mm thick blade (serrated blade option available);
- the flipper not only functioning to flip open the knife, but as a guard as well ensuring a reliable rest
and a safe holding even in wet or weak hands;
- ergonomic handle allowing for use in any grip without sacrificing comfort or grip reliance;
- glassbreaker on the back of the handle, which could be removed in case it’s not needed and be
replaced with a hidden screw (a special tool to remove the glassbreaker is included);
- a solid design on washers and two full-sized liners guaranteing overall steadiness of the knife, so
it is able to assist the owner in any situation.
Warbot clip allows for a deep and firm carry in the pocket. It could be switched to any side making
the knife ambidextrous. Two knife options differ in handle colors (black and green) with a serrated
blade on green one.

Glass Breaker

Glass-breakers located at the end of the handle. The tang protrudes from the handle forming a glass-breaker, which can be used for various tasks. The glass-breaker is rounded and does not interfere with the handler’s grip of the knife.


Bronze Washers

Ensure strong and reliable design

Knife Warbot F10-33S - 1
Box - 1
SW certificate - 1

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Warbot F10-03
  • Steel: D2
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  • Full length: 8.50"
  • Blade length: 3.50"
  • Blade thickness: 0.16"
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