PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Coating provides excellent resistance from wear and corrosion. The coating material is vaporized at a high temperature and then coated on the blade in the process of condensation. Anti-reflective blades with black PVD coating are especially popular in tactical knives.

3D Handles

3D machine milled G10 handles provide excellent ergonomics and a great grip. We work with original 3D-textures. The groove on the textured handle’s overlay contributes to a slip-free operation.

Satin Finish

One of the most effective and brutal metal treatments available. The blade surface is covered with small unidirectional strokes forming a uniform pattern. The blade has a matte finish but reflects direct sunlight. An added benefit is that most minor wear and scratches from regular use are unnoticeable with the Satin Finish.


This blade is treated with a protective and anti-glare ASPIS black coating, which meets MIL-DTL-13924 military standards. The coating is achieved by immersing the steel in oxidant solutions previously heated to its specific temperature. The surface obtained is essentially made of extremely hard oxides that are usually 0.1 micron thick.

Durable Full Tang

The tang extends throughout the entire handle, resulting in a high strength knife structure. The absence of sharp corners in the tang strengthens the integrity of the knife. The highest degree of stress typically occurs at sharp corners of the shank. Excessive stress can cause damage to the blade. Making smooth contours of the blade, with the largest possible radius, our designers are able to achieve excellent strength characteristics of blades that can withstand heavy loads.

Hidden Pins

Hidden pins are used for handle assembly. You will not see any screws on the handle surface on certain models of Steel Will knives.

Glass Breaker

Glass breakers located at the end of the handle. The tang protrudes from the handle forming a glass breaker, which can be used for various tasks. The glass breaker is rounded and does not interfere with the handler’s grip of the knife.

Flexible Belt Loop

The sheath is fitted with a flexible belt loop allowing for comfortable and practical carry, even in the seated position.

Multipositional Clip

The clip can be installed in two (for some knives, four) places making our knives suitable for left-handed users. It also allows for the knife to comfortably fit tip-up in the handler's pocket.


The Steel Will DOTS clip is used for fastening a compatible sheath to a belt or strap. The clip allows you to position the sheath at different carry angles, ensuring comfort and quick deployment of the knife.

Additional Clip

Each knife includes an additional clip to make the knife suitable for left-handed users.

Full-Size Liners

Strong design with full-size liners

G10 Spacer

A useful G10 spacer ensures a better grip even with wet and slippery hands.

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