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Dear knife enthusiast,
Over the past year, we’ve received tremendous feedback from Steel Will knife owners and the knife community at large. Thanks largely to your support, we’re on tracking for an exciting holiday season filled with deals, promotions, and new releases. To show our appreciation, Steel Will knives will be launching our biggest promotion ever. For only two weeks (November 16- 30th), every knife on steelwillknives.com will be discounted by 25%!
  All new   EDC Classics
  10 Great
New Models.
All under $100
  Rave reviews for Steel Will's Gekko folding knife
  Steel Will is proud to announce the new Sentence series tactical knives and the heavy duty compact Cager fixed blade knives. Perfect balance, great ergos, amazing price. Check them out.

Sentence Series: These tactical cutting tools were thoughtfully designed to excel in efficiency and have the ability to execute diverse tasks. The Sentence series uses proven materials and an ergonomic design in 4 different blade styles.

Cager Series: Steel Will presents a knife that is dependable and intended for the EDC enthusiasts. The Cager is forged using D2 material for its proven hardness and wear resistance.

We've received some terrific feedback over the past few months on our Gekko series. Reviewers have been impressed with the looks, performance, and build quality of this Italian-made knife. Read on for some professional video and written reviews.

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